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We went swimming on Saturday with my friend Gabriel my brother Cason, and my little sister Lillian. Gabriel left on Saturday it is Monday at 12:22 currently in Florida! We had a blast at the pool we had noodle fight’s, and ton’s of fun! We have loads of fun when we are together, he taught us how to make a blue rose flower out of a blue napkin!



I hope you stay well…. It’s not good 4 anyone 2 die. Throat Cancer is the worst, especially 4 someone your age. I want everyone that is trying to survive Cancer to succeed. There is a cure 4 everything, and I believe in everyone. No one deserves 2 die, unless it’s their time, but then they will always be remembered and never forgotten. EVERYONE HAS A CURE TO SOMETHING!  No one dies Everyone dies at some point, even I will die, but not this year; nor will you.